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Register for MediaCampBucks08!


Registration is easy - just click Edit and add your name to the end of the list. Please be sure to put a valid email address so we can keep in touch - use the format chambly AT Gmail DOT com to reduce spam. Please also indicate how you can help - organizer, volunteer, present, sponsor, etc.


Please reach out to people you know in your communities and let them know about MediaCampBUCKS08!


Registrants, press return after each entry to generate the next number.


  1. Chris Hambly - organizer, presenter, sponsor. chambly AT Gmail DOT com
  2. Eaon Pritchard, co-conspirator. pritchard dot creative at gmail dot com
  3. Shani Lee - nlab co-ordinator. shani.lee AT frontlinetraining DOT net
  4. Mike O'Hara - live music organizer, mike.p.ohara AT googlemail DOT com
  5. Peter Goodhall - pgoodhall AT Gmail DOT com
  6. Nik Buter - Social Network and Media Maven . nik AT butlershouse DOT co DOT uk
  7. Caron -J Lyon (CJ) - Time flow regulator! Creative Collaborator, Virtual Stage manager for Pilot Theatre's Second Life presence. PCM creative cj.lyon AT pcmcreative DOT co DOT uk - Nottingham, East Midlands.
  8. Pete Cooper - presenter, podsafe DJ if you want one, and all round good egg. Oh, and money situation is OK, I'll bring donuts. gaekwad AT gmail DOT com
  9. Jullia Gaimster- head of elearning LCF - drjgaimsterATgooglemailDOTcom
  10. Dave Perry-Event technical support,Audio productions,podcasting,media freak- perry1988@gmail.com
  11. Julius Solaris - event planner - editor @ EventManagerBlog - Linkedin power user - tojulius AT gmail DOT com
  12. Carmen Boscolo - environmental consultant - editor @ Green is not a Color - organizer ecoCamp - carmenboscolo AT gmail DOT com
  13. Michael Clarke, The Careers Group U of L (and Green Tea Ice Cream) michaeleclarke AT gmail DOT com. Interested in presenting.
  14. Toby Moores - toby AT sleepydog DOT net SleepyDog / CreativeCoffee Club / Twitter Interested in presenting
  15. Karl Ward - karlcward AT Hotmail DOT com Interested in learning all about social media
  16. Jason Jarrett - Capo "Hawt Dawg", Podcaster and disaster manager jason AT thejarretts DOT com
  17. Emma Cooper - podcaster and writer coopette.com
  18. Dan Thornton - Community Marketing Manager at Bauer Consumer Media, Editor-in-Chief at Disposable Media, and blog addict. daniel.thornton@bauermedia.co.uk/dan.thornton AT disposable media DOT co dot uk.
  19. Joanne Jacobs - Client Director, Xenial Ltd - joanne AT xenialmedia DOT com. Interested in presenting/facilitating. Background in academia.
  20. Chris Dargiewicz - enthusiastic Bucks PR Student, EU podcaster, overall a cool guy. chrisinuk AT mac DOT com
  21. Janusz Dargiewicz - Chris's father, Bucks partner from Poland, presenter, videographer and podcaster. info AT oxfordon DOT pl
  22. Jo Jordan - playing with 2.0 in the world of work & psychology - jo.working2.0 AT gmail DOT com
  23. Phil Campbell - what you dont know me? - you suck - me.dm - imitated but never copied since 1998.
  24. Justin Luker - Learning Technologist at Bucks, interested in ALL social media and Web 2.0 for teaching and learning, justinDOTlukerATbucksDOTacDOTuk
  25. Ferrah Orosco - Web/Software developer. Worked in the games industry, currently doing R & D. I also do Part-Time lecturing at Bucks New University.
  26. Rikke Oestergaard - Director of Ploc Media - www.ploc.co.uk - rikke AT ploc.co.uk
  27. Pete Lacey - Creative Director of Ploc Media - www.ploc.co.uk - pete AT ploc.co.uk
  28. Asha Treacy - HR Advisor at BNU - atreacyzerotwo AT hotmail DOT com
  29. Emma Davies - Media student at Bucks New Uni- spoilt_brat1986 AT hotmail DOT com
  30. Justyna Landowska - enthusiastic, birght student of Business at Bucks - tinadom AT wp DOT pl
  31. Koral Wilkinson - http://www.eibmoz.dk/ - koral24 AT hotmail.com
  32. Richard Jones - t-eL educator and comp lecturer at Bucks interested in social media/Web 'X' for teaching & learning (T&L) esp: intelligence in T&L systems, richardDOTjonesATbucksDOTac DOTuk
  33. Chris Dalby - yellowpark / twitter - CTO of chinposin, amongt others.
  34. Piyumi Wickrama - Advertising & Promotions Management student at Bucks.
  35. Chukuemeka Obiorah - Artist/Songwriter/Interested in music business/
  36. Robin Ashford - Reference & Distance Services Librarian, Portland, Oregon, USA. robinmashford AT gmail DOT com
  37. Peter Harding - Technical Account Manager at Adserving Technology Provider.
  38. Neville Hobson - communicator, blogger, podcaster. NevilleHobson.com | For Immediate Release
  39. Katie Herring - creative advertising student bucks, katielherring AT aol DOT com
  40. Eran Ben Sabat - senior web analytics consultant - blog AT iudaea.com
  41. Paul Mansell - Graphic Designer - Novice Music Producer - Marketing & PR Director for MarlowFM Limited
  42. Leaunda Hemphill - Educator interested in social networking and e-learning.
  43. Paul Imre - Imre Ltd - looking to build alliances- paul AT imre DOT co DOT uk
  44. Robin Mayfield - rjjm at rjjm dot net - Looking for inspiration
  45. Helen Keegan - Mobile media and marketing specialist
  46. Grant Sandy-Phillips - wants to learn about social media
  47. Donald Schwarz - technical writer at Imagelink Productions, Technology Moderator at FastCompany Dot Com.Will attend virtually.
  48. Graham Callaghan - Audio Engineer, Musician & Bucks Student. graham.callaghan88@googlemail.com
  49. Andy Savery - Blackboard support ;) London College of Communication. achubbucks AT andysavery DOT co DOT uk
  50. Steve Mullins - consultant, looking for structure and to learn a bit, badly managed blog at www.fundamentally.typepad.com
  51. Anjali Ramachandran OneSizeFitsOne
  52. Judith 'deCabbit' Lewis - decabbit AT googlemail DOT com SEO Chick, Search Expert, gal about town
  53. Doug Clinton - software developer and podcast listener, CTO of Intruders.tv - doug AT gsl DOT com, doug AT intruders DOT tv, twitter
  54. Phill Cozens - e-commerce designer - roundedgoats AT hotmail.com
  55. Kristian Eliasson - project management, music, sociology etc kristianelia AT hotmail DOT com
  56. Christian Payne ~ AKA Documentally - Our Man Inside / Follow me on Twitter podcast AT Documentally DOT com
  57. Damian Allen - Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Podcaster and a Mature Student
  58. suzy miller - director CertainShops Ltd and Starting Over Show


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