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Sessions and Conversations at MediaCampBUCKS08


The password to edit is hubhub



Use this page to state who you are, and what sessions or group conversations you'd like to run.


Remember - MediaCamp is all about participation! Anyone can and is welcome to run a session.


Add your session(s) (no longer than 1 hour) and a preferred time slot (it may change though)

Session list

Registration & Coffee


Rm 1

Rm 2Carmen Boscolo/Julius SolarisSpeed Networking. Fast introduction to one another, nothing business-like but just a quick and fun ice breaker. Bring heaps of business cards!
Rm 3Asha Treacy

Recruiting through Social Networks...

Open discussion of the advantages and disadvantages, the varied opinions of online recruitment and sharing our companies recruitment processes..

11.00Rm 1

Dan Thornton/Michael Clarke

Looks like we're covering a lot of complementary ground - Dan in the private sector and me in HE - so we're having a go at combining our sessions. Twice the bang for your buck!

Evangelising and using social media in HE - working with and winning over the curious, the resistant and the plain scared (high wycombe for pdf builds.pdf). meets

From Personal Blogging to Corporate Responsibility - from social media for fun to managerial demands.

Rm 2
Rm 3Jason JarrettHow to make an audio podcast
12.00Rm 1Julia GaimsterSketchbook- an interactive visual research site - social networking through drawing
Rm 2Julius SolarisCan Linkedin be useful to improve your career? Share your experience and listen to others'.
Rm 3Pete CooperPodcasting with Ubercaster aka taking the arseache out of Mac podcasting
13.00Rm 1Caron Lyon (CJ)Second Life adventures - No need to have an account Pilot Theatre can issue an avatar (we have 10 generic Avs) for you to inhabit for the session. Find out all about this virtual world and take a walk around. Bring your laptop!
Rm 2

Chris Hambly / Jo Jordan

Social Media Process Measurement - an interactive session to derive a prototype metric in a dynamic multi-model environment..

Rm 3Carmen BoscoloHow environmental communication is benefiting from Web 2.0 and social networking?
14.00Rm 1Nik ButlerFishing in a Social Media Stream
Rm 2

Chris Hambly / Jo Jordan

Social Media Process Measurement - an interactive session to derive a prototype metric in a dynamic multi-model environment.


Part 2

Rm 3

Justyna Landowska & Chris Dargiewicz

"Purple Cow" - be remarkable in what you do.

And other COOLEST STUFF on the WEB NOW.

15.00Rm 1Pete CooperRunning a podcast forum: the dirty little secrets of teaandpodcasts.com
Rm 2Andy Savery (Ripple Savard) / Julia GaimsterBringing London Fashion week to Second Life.

An examination of the marketing opportunities afforded by Virtual Reality worlds. Read synopsis.

Rm 3
16.00Rm 1Jo Jordan

Following on from Dan and Micheal - evangelising to psychologists


I am interested in how and why you got into 2.0 and what you hope for 2.0. All the better to persuade psychologists of the importance of 2.0 and how they would work with/hire social media experts to help them

Rm 2Chris Hambly

Email Works


Social Media & Scalability, the paradox - how to build a list of prospects, personalise the broadcast, and build credibility.


A session around email campaigns

Rm 3
MediaCamp Sessions End
Evening of Live Entertainment
Line Up
Live Music in association with Fishbowl Acoustic Showcase
Student Union

- Conrad Vingoe

- Little Fish Big Pond

- Sean Taylor

- Origami Dinosaur

- The Diarys

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