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Sponsor MediaCamp BUCKS!


Sponsoring MediaCamp helps make the event much better. We offer:


  • Great mindshare
  • Sponsor logos on this wiki and other MediaCamp BUCKS collateral
  • Great search engine benefits and link love
  • Prominent placement in the podcast/vlogs facebook group for sponsors > UK £200
  • A table at the event Floor for sponsors and the above > UK £250
  • Large sponsors are also sought, this will leverage a cracking party in the student union venue, to include regular saturday night students.
  • Lesser amounts (any amount) are accepted and will guarantee banner placement on this wiki and Facebook coverage.
  • For info regarding sponsoring contact Chris on chambly AT gmail.com
  • Payments gladly accepted through paypal, send to: mediacampbucks@googlemail.com






Who is Sponsoring - be seen here




Audana.com - web dev with social media




The new university in Buckinghamshire - Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College






WEAPON7 is an interactive ad agency that specialises in engaging consumers in an on-demand world.


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